Please note a standing invitation to all islanders to attend meetings, to participate and to submit agenda items. If you cannot attend, or do not wish to participate publicly, a confidential message on any relevant topic may be sent to any member of CCC and the substance of that message will be submitted on your behalf.

We will use this page to outline any specific items of current interest, so that everybody knows what (if anything) is going on; this might relate to correspondence with various service agencies or public agencies. We also intend to provide links to the draft minutes of the most recent meeting.

STOP PRESS: 19th April 2018

The pre-existing community council was disbanded by order of Argyll & Bute Council at very short notice and arrangements for the appointment of new councillors were such that only four candidates could be proposed. Those candidates were accordingly returned, but they have been forbidden to meet or act until an official of Argyll & Bute Council is in a position to attend and supervise their first meeting. All work by the Community Council is currently suspended. The new councillors-in-waiting are:

David Hobhouse; Keith Rutherford; Alex Howard; Jane Howard.




Meeting on 19 November 2016 - not the final minutes, but the draft minutes

Meeting on 08 February 2017 - not the final minutes, but the draft minutes

Meeting on 11 April 2017 - not the final minutes, but the draft minutes

Annual General Meeting on 13 July 2017 - not the final minutes, but the draft minutes

Meeting on 13 July 2017 - not the final minutes, but the draft minutes


Colonsay Community Council Newsletter – Winter 2017 / 2018

There are ongoing communications between CCC and the relevant authorities concerning the reliability of the Wednesday and Saturday ferries, and also in connection with timetabling. On the bright side, the summer timetable for 2018 was published in the autumn of 2017, a great improvement; and a member of the community, Jane Howard, has been appointed to represent the island on a new, meaningful consultative board. To continue the plaudits, the CalMac facilities in Colonsay are now at a remarkably high standard, and are maintained in excellent condition by helpful and conscientious local staff. The ferries continue to be operated by friendly staff, the catering and cleanliness is to be applauded and the Oban terminal is now enhanced by an excellent small-scale catering facility specialising in Argyll and Fair-trade produce.

Less encouragingly, CCC are actively pursuing Transport Scotland, which authority appears to have reneged upon an undertaking to correct the imbalance in freight and commercial costs to various destinations, leaving Colonsay at an almost incredible disadvantage.

The five-year "zero-tolerance" litter campaign concluded in autumn 2017. There were weekly shoreline litter-hunts, greatly assisted by the summer visitors, and the collection points established at Port Easdail and Plaide Mhor were a great success. In view of the enormous success of this project, the campaign has been renewed for anoth five-year term, until autumn 2022.

Following local consultation, the monies generously donated by Marine Harvest for administration by CCC have been used to form the kernel of a new Colonsay Common Good Fund. This fund has a very wide remit and will consider applications every six months that meet the agreed criteria; initial awards have been made in favour of a guarantee to underwrite a limited loss by the 2017 Music Festival, to meet the cost of urgent preventative maintenance at the Heritage Trust premises, and to assist in the purchase of a community Composting device to improve our environmental credentials. The "awards" committee is drawn from volunteers within the community and chaired on a rotating basis by a member of CCC; every detail and every meeting is totally transparent and open to the public save where very specific personal or financial considerations might arise. The first round went extraordinarily well, every application was considered in depth and decisions were made by concensus.

The utterly appalling state of our broadband provision is a cause of despair in many businesses and households. No less than 110 subscribers submitted details of "speed-tests" (collated by Kevin), the results of which do not bear repetition. Our MP, Brendan O'Hara, seems to be remarkably energetic and CCC is therefore keeping him fully informed. One member of CCC (Alex) has been active on our behalf in liaising with an ill-fated initiative of self-help, GigaPlus, which unfortunately was holed below the waterline through the collapse of a contractor. His knowledge is now being pooled with the work being undertaken by another member (David), in the active exploration of various alternatives. It is, perhaps, possible that the common Good Fund could help - within recent months three new and potentially important businesses have come to Colonsay (meaning three additional and very welcome households); already these businesses are suffering and we really cannot afford to lose such important opportunities.

•  Sheena Nisbet – Chairperson

•  Kevin Byrne

•  David Hobhouse

•  Alex Howard

•  William Joll

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The Colonsay Community Council is especially alert to environmental concerns. William Joll is active in the promotion and facilitation of recycling and associated matters (composting etc.), whilst Kevin Byrne co-ordinates the Community Council's ongoing response to marine and other litter - a campaign that embraces all roads, paths, lochsides and the entire 50 mile coastline.

To avoid doubt - this site belongs to CCC, it will probably be updated at first by a specific member of the council but we hope to make it accessible to them all, once we discover how to do that. The details of the hosting agency and details of passwords etc. will be recorded by the Secretary.

In case you have stumbled upon this page by accident, Colonsay is a beautiful island in the Hebrides with about 130 inhabitants. Just search online to find out more or use the "Links" facility at the foot of this page.

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