[DRAFT] Minutes of Colonsay Community Council ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING - Thursday 13th July 2017

The AGM of Colonsay CC was held at 18.30hrs on Thursday 13th July 2017 at the Village Hall

•  Quorum consisted of Sheena Nisbet (Convenor and Chair), David Hobhouse and Kevin Byrne (acting secretary).

•  Apologies were received from the two absent members, Alex Howard and William Joll, who were both on the mainland.

•  Public attendance: there were twelve members of the public in attendance.

•  Declarations of Interest: none

•  Minutes of the last meeting: unfortunately not to hand

•  Convenor's report: see next item

•  A) David Hobhouse and Alex Howard had engaged in regular and ongoing communication with CalMac Ferries Ltd. in connection with the (very) late publication of timetables and lack of representation; it has been agreed that Colonsay will have representation via CCC in a revised form of Consultative Body.

B) David Hobhouse had very energetically pursued the extraordinary anomaly whereby freight charges to Colonsay are grotesquely out-of-line with other islands served by CalMac; this is an historic abuse, not within the control of CalMac but a responsibility of Transport Scotland which body, yet again, has failed to honour its commitment in this regard.

C) Marine Harvest have agreed to make a subvention of £10,000 p.a. to Colonsay to be administered by CCC in consultation with MH; an ad hoc sub-committee of nine persons had been appointed to make recommendations as to the appropriate mechanism and a draft document has been circulated for public discussion at the meeting to follow immediately after this AGM.

D) Recycling: CCC is actively encouraging recycling and environmental enhancement; certain aspects of the Argyll & Bute arrangements for recycling and waste uplift have given cause for concern and CCC has made representations with some success. Further improvements are anticipated.

E) Bin Lorry: CCC has been in touch with A&B in response to the erratic service arising from a rather unreliable ferry service during the winter months and A&B have become more responsive to the difficulties that arise.

F) Roads: Colonsay's roads are in a poor condition and there is consequential wear and tear on local vehicles. CCC has been in touch with A&B Roads Department and has been assured that budgetary considerations prohibit any serious improvement in the foreseeable future; meantime CCC recognises the sterling work of our own A&B Council roadworker in patching and draining the existing surface.

G) Alex Howard has worked closely with GigaPlus to provide good Broadband for Colonsay, as part of a wider scheme; although a main contractor has gone into receivership, CCC has been assured that the service should be operational “within 6 - 8 months”, suggesting perhaps by Easter 2018?

8. Secretary's Report - not to hand, none in post.

9. Treasurer's Report - only two payments had been made, one being in respect of Hire of Village Hall for meetings, and the other in respect of insurance in connection with the CCC 5-Year Project "Pristine Shores" to remove marine litter from our coastline.

10. Co-option of members: Carrie Seymour (proposed by Sheena Nisbet, seconded by David Hobhouse); Keith Rutherford (proposed by David Hobhouse, seconded by Sheena Nisbet). It was noted that Dannie Onn has agreed to serve, for ratification once he has been transferred to the Colonsay Electoral Roll.

11. Election of Office-Bearers. Chair, Sheena Nisbet, proposed David Hobhouse, seconded Kevin Byrne; Treasurer: Carrie Seymour, proposed Sheena Nisbet, seconded Kevin Byrne; Secretary: to be agreed at next full CCC meeting.

12. Dates of Meetings: To be held in August, October, November and March, with AGM in June 2018. Meetings to be held on Saturdays at 2pm to facilitate wider attendance.

13. aocb: There being no further competent business, the meeting closed with thanks from the chair to all who had attended.

Above minutes agreed as a true representation:

Sheena Nisbet, Chair:

Kevin Byrne, Acting Secretary:



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