Colonsay Community Council.

[DRAFT] Minutes of Colonsay Community Council Meeting - Wednesday 8th February 2017

Present: William Joll, Alex Howard, Kevin Byrne, David Hobhouse + ca. 25 members of public

Apologies: Sheena Nisbet


1. Minutes of November Meeting, if available [See this Website]
2.Co-Opting of new members
3.Declarations of Interest
4. Future of Medical services on Colonsay
5.Rubbish collections
6.Ferry Freight Charges, and timetables
7.Social Housing planning Comments, (for submission by 13 February deadline)
8.Play park planning application

•  No minutes available from November meeting. [but they are available on this website]

•  Co-opting of new members - Carrie Seymour, Keith Rutherford & Dannie Onn were all co-opted. Carrie was in attendance.

•  Future of Medical Services on Colonsay . Dr Brookes explained that there were no immediate threat to the current services on Colonsay, however the NHS are facing financial pressures and looking to cut costs. Recruitment of Rural GPs is also difficult and plans for when our current GPs may retire need to be put in place. Jan said that they needed some community representation to start making the case, sooner rather than later. There will be a meeting shortly with the NHS strategic planning people, and anyone who would like to contribute should contact the doctors at the surgery.

•  Rubbish Collections. It was agreed that the current system of tri-weekly rubbish collections is not really working and is unlikely to stand up to increased pressure in the tourist season. Gavin has been ‘informed' that the commercial bin collection will still be weekly. The new pink bags are not a good idea, for reasons of vermin, wind blow, storing between collections etc. Alex to write to A&B on behalf of CCC and everyone was encouraged to also email A&B council themselves. William mentioned that the proposed Colonsay compost recycling may help.

•  Ferry Freight & Timetables . David reported that Colonsay has the most expensive freight fares across the whole network. Our previous Transport Minister had promised that Colonsay's fares would be brought in to line for Oct 2016 with the new ferries contract. However this now seems to be delayed until at least 2018. David has written to Fergus Ewing MSP - again. All present were also encouraged to write in directly to Transport Scotland.

Re. late publication of ferry timetables, it was agreed that we should be pushing for a ‘rolling timetable', as the present system is very unsatisfactory.

•  Social Housing Planning Comments . Although CCC has a policy of not commenting on individual planning applications, this is an exceptional opportunity for the community and the CCC should feedback to the planners.

Members of the community had been invited to write to councillors in confidence and David & Kevin read out the points from the emails they had received - these included concerns about location, environmental impact, use of croft land for building and restricted access. Trevor Patrick explained on behalf of CCDC that no alternative sites could have been considered before 2020, due to planning restrictions.

Kevin raised the issue of the Roads Dept. stating that they would only allow 10 houses off that access. The 3 existing dwellings, plus the proposed 5 social houses and the 3 proposed croft houses would total 11.

The overall sense of the meeting was that the community are very much in favour of this social housing project, but that there were concerns. Alex agreed to write to the planners reflecting this.

•  Play park planning application. William explained that the CCDC had asked the CCC to submit the planning application, in order to save £200.00.

David said he had been unwilling to put this through without further discussion, as he felt that there was some resistance to its proposed site in front of the gardens, particularly from the Garden Group who had previously made representation to the CCC. Caitlin explained the proposed scheme and reassured the meeting that some resolution had been reached with the gardeners and that they would continue to work & communicate with them. Funding is in place for £15k of the £20k required. It was agreed that the CCC would submit the application, but it was still clearly a CCDC project.

•  AOB. Jane Rose asked if the CCC would fund a reprint of the water bottle leaflet. David to get prices from her.

•  Next meeting to be decided at a later date.

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