Colonsay Community Council.

[DRAFT] Minutes of Colonsay Community Council Meeting - Tuesday 11th April 2017

Present – Kevin Byrne, David Hobhouse, Alex Howard, Keith Rutherford, Jan Binnie, Caitlin MacNeil, Sheena Nisbet

Apologies – Dannie Onn, Carrie Seymour, William Joll

1. It was suggested to arrange a meeting with representatives of Calmac to discuss lack of service to the island. David to write invitation.

2. The lack of bin uplifts is one knock on effect of lack of ferries. It was felt the cost of annual fees was unfair when this service is not happening. Alex to follow this up.

3. The Freight Transport working group is not committing to examining the cost of freight to Colonsay. (Although it was said that they would) David to respond to this.

4. Planning permission has been granted for houses on the land owned by the community but the access road is still being disputed. TSL has been appointed as contractors.

5. The proximity to the road has been highlighted as a problem for the play park plans. A high barrier and a road barrier is required. Caitlin dealing with this.

6. Jane Rose has requested funds for water bottle leaflets – Sheena to speak to her about updating contents on them.

7. Discussion on the distribution of Marine Harvest fund took place. Kevin to organise a meeting for sub committee to prepare pro forma for applications.

8. The Service Point - lack of working equipment i.e. Video conferencing was highlighted. However it was confirmed that council equipment, not personal laptops, was required to be used The availability of the use of the Service Point, outwith hours was also queried. It was confirmed that private/ confidential material was locked away and community use was to be encouraged. Alex to bring this up at next CCDC meeting.

9. The high number of unused cars lying around the island was raised. David and Alex have agreed to try and gather these up (after lambing/calving) with the help of other members of the community. They will agree a date and ask for help with this and the uplift of household items eg cookers/fridges.

10. Calmac was thanked for giving free ferry transport for cement to make disabled access to the church.

11. No one is willing to take on position of Treasurer – Sheena to speak to Dannie Onn.

12. DONM 13th May 6pm in Service Point

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