Colonsay Community Council.

Meeting to discuss the allocation of the Marine Harvest Community Contribution, Saturday 19th November 2016, Village Hall 5.00pm. Draft Minutes.

Present: Sheena Nisbet, Convenor, William Joll, David Hobhouse, Kevin Byrne, Alex Howard.

Community Business Coach Hazel Smith.

Members of the public.

Sheena Nisbet opened the meeting to inform the community that the Community Council had been tasked with managing the Marine Harvest contribution. The fund at present stands at £20K. No fixed plan has been put in place and the main aim of the meeting was to get opinion on how best to manage the fund. Sheena asked Hazel if she would be able to help to make sure the fund was managed in the best way for the community. Hazel said she would be happy to prepare some guidelines for the CC to work with and outlined that HIE already had helped to manage community funds so would be a good place to start. Development Trusts Association Scotland (DTAS) would also be able to be help and CCDC are already a member.

Alex Howard said he had had some dealings with the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) and would check if they could help.

Transparency would be key to the success of the allocations policy and clear guidelines would need to be put in place to achieve this.

Once the necessary information had been collected an application form could be prepared which would contain the necessary criteria to ensure community benefit.

Some of the criteria discussed by the meeting were:

Should provide economic and business benefit.

Are other grants available?

There should be a scoring framework.

Should there be a minimum/maximum level of grant?

Grants should not duplicate others that have been awarded.


Other ideas brought forward at the meeting.

The fund could be used to support the fabric fund of the community hall.

The Community Plan should be used to prioritise grant awards.

A Credit Union was not a viable option but information is available to the community.

Should the awards be made to constituted organisations or individuals.

There needs to be a proven track record of the ability to manage a grant award.

There should be a good spread of how the grants are awarded.

Grants could be used for skills development such as the school bus driver or other skills not available on the island.

Walter Williams suggested using the fund to upgrade the Kiloran bay car park.

A dedicated sports field.

Scott Weatherstone said CCDC had four main projects which could benefit from the fund. The fund could fund a community contribution for a larger funding application.

The Colonsay and Oransay Heritage Trust could benefit from the fund.

Training for someone to manage the community website.

Jim McLoughlin asked if freight issues could be addressed.

Information sign posts.

Any future new housing projects should include provision for refugees coming to Scotland.

Sue Dance, Richard Butterick, Scott Weatherstone, Alex Howard, Kevin Byrne and Chris Nisbet have agreed to go on sub committee to look at formation of criteria for application for requests and to look at applications.

Applications and suggestions are welcome from those unable to attend the meeting.


Other business discussed at the meeting.

Bin uplift has been changed to three weekly. Recycling bags will be provided for some recyclables. William to contact the council to ask for clarification. Concern was raised by some regarding commercial bin uplift and how the service will work in the height of the tourist season. The ongoing rat problem on Colonsay was seen as an issue.

The Cal Mac summer 2017 timetable has not been made available. This makes it difficult for tourist providers to manage their bookings and for visitors to manage their travel arrangements. David Hobhouse and Alex Howard attended a meeting on Islay with all relevant agency representatives present. Colonsay is not the only community with problems with the service provided by CalMac and while they stressed the issues faced by our community, left the meeting feeling that not much can be achieved. It was however agreed that pressure had to be kept on CalMac in the hope that our voice will be heard. Derek McKay MSP had stated that freight issues would be addressed by October 2016. Still no sign of this.

Danni Onn (from March 2017) Carrie Seymour and Keith Rutherford have agreed to be co-opted to CCC.

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