[DRAFT] Minutes of Colonsay Community Council Meeting - Thursday 13th July 2017

Colonsay Community Council met following the AGM held at 18.30hrs on Thursday 13 th July 2017 at the Village Hall

•  Quorum consisted of Sheena Nisbet (Convenor and Chair), David Hobhouse, Kevin Byrne (acting secretary), Carrie Seymour (co-opted member).

•  Apologies were received from the three absent members, Alex Howard, William Joll and Keith Rutherford (co-opted member), all of whom were on the mainland.

•  Public attendance: there were twelve members of the public in attendance.

•  Declarations of Interest: none

•  Minutes of the last meeting: unfortunately not to hand

•  Marine Harvest Subvention: Marine Harvest has granted £10,000 per annum for community purposes to be administered by the Community Council, with allocation of the funds to be in agreement between CCC and Marine Harvest. CCC had established an ad hoc sub-committee drawn from a wider spectrum of the community to advise upon an appropriate procedure and the sub-committee recommends that a Common Good Fund be established, to administer these monies and any future funds that might be forthcoming from other sources. The sub-committee had drafted the criteria under which such a Common Good Fund could operate and this draft document had been circulated. No objection or suggested modifications had been proposed in advance of tonight's meeting and no such proposals were made by those present at the meeting. It was therefore agreed that the first tranche of awards should go ahead in accord with the agreed criteria, whilst noting that the criteria can be changed at future public meetings of CCC if required in the light of experience.

•  Arising: it was proposed and accepted that the sub-committee (to screen and make recommendations upon award applications to the CGF) should be broadly based and that its membership should be on a rolling basis. To this end it was agreed that only one member of CCC should be upon the sub-committee, to act as chair, and that the sub-committee should have a total membership of twelve persons, with a quorum of six.

•  Sub-committee: It was agreed that Kevin Byrne would serve as CCC representative for the first round of awards, there to be two such rounds per annum as a rule of thumb. In addition, Richard Buttrick, Caitlin McNeill, Sue Dance, Chris Nisbet and Dannie Orr would provide continuity from the original sub-committee, to be joined by five volunteers. Seamus McNeill agreed to serve, as did Liz McNichol. A notice in the shop will request three additional volunteers.

•  BT Broadband speeds. Difficulties in this area were discussed, it being noted that an independent service (GigaPlus) is not yet in operation and is unlikely to be functioning before Easter 2018 at the earliest. Kevin Byrne had been in touch with Brendan O'Hara MP, who has responded energetically and has met the head of BT at Westminster this week; he is hopeful that she will shortly accompany him on a personal visit to Colonsay. Kevin Byrne undertook to keep CCC, CCDC and Colonsay Estate informed about any significant developments.

•  Visit from A&B Head of Service: it is understood that Cleland Sneddon, Head of Service, and other leading representatives of A&B Council will visit Colonsay on 19th July (accompanied by a TV crew). Arrangements will be made to meet CCC, CCDC and other relevant bodies in Colonsay. CCC will wish to raise three main subjects: on the one hand there are complaints concerning the state of the road and certain aspects of the garbage/recycling facilities, and on the other hand there is a very high level of satisfaction with the excellent scheduled air-service and the vital facility provided by weekend scholars' flights, for both of which A&B are due great credit.

•  AOB: No further business arose and the Chair gave thanks to all who had attended.

•  Date of Next Meeting: The next meeting is to be a 2pm on Saturday 26th August in the Village Hall.

Above minutes agreed as a true representation:

Sheena Nisbet, Chair:

Kevin Byrne, Acting Secretary:



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