[DRAFT] Minutes of Colonsay Community Council - Sunday 11th February 2018, 5.30pm Village Hall

Present: Sheena Nisbet, Kevin Byrne, William Joll, Keith Rutherford, David Hobhouse.

Alastair Scouller, Andrew MacGregor

1. No Apologies were received

2. Declarations of interest would be made as and when they occurred during the meeting

3. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

4. It was hoped that some more members could be co-opted to the CCC, as the next election was not until September. In his absence it was proposed that Alex Howard should become the treasurer.

5. SN explained that no money had as yet been received from MH but it was expected shortly. None of the beneficiaries has as yet made an application for draw down of funds. There maybe a site issue with the composting project. DH to be the next chair of the Common Good sub committee, to start shortly.

6. Broadband: It was understood that there was shortly to be an upgrade to the exchange, from 8mb to 20mb. It was hoped this would help all. Some people have in the meantime installed satellite systems. DH is in a "slow" communication about a fibre partnership with Openreach. Our political representatives are being supportive. AM pointed out about EE using 4G to do domestic broadband. WJ volunteered Martin as being very technically competent, and possibly the man to take on the broadband mantel for the community. He will approach him.

7. Roads: are in a very poor state , but ABC have no money. WJ to find out who to write to, and then a concerted email campaign to be launched.

8. Ferry: on the whole, apart from the Saturday service CalMac have been thinking ahead and using weather windows to achieve a service. DH and Jane Howard hope to attend an Islay Ferry Group meeting on Tuesday 20 Feb. Transport Scotland to be there. DH has made no more progress on the freight situation with TS.

9. Whale: DH in communication with Scot Gov/ABC, but no action as yet……too big to deal with locally.

10. Geese: unlikely to be any funding for the island as the money was being cut back elsewhere. Some geese maybe now on General Licence for shooting, but anyone interested should check this for themselves before doing so.

11. Water Fountains: KB suggested that we should have three water fountains around the island and to try and stop selling bottled water. The idea was well received, but there were some reservations about the look/resilience of any fountains. First step is to see if those selling water would subscribe to the principal.

12. Bins: most failure was due to ferries.

Recycling: please everyone to wash their bins, round Robin email to be actioned by SN. Some plastic being put in the cardboard container, please don't.

Next Meeting; Tuesday April 10th . 6pm


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