[DRAFT] Minutes of Colonsay Community Council - Tuesday 29th May 2018, Village Hall at 18.30hrs

Councillors Present : David Hobhouse (DH), Keith Rutherford (KR), Alex Howard (AH), Jane Howard (JH)

Members of community present: Danny Onn, Sue Dance, Richard Buttrick, John Griffiths, William Joll, Jan Brooks, Dave Binnie, Chris Nisbet, Donald McAllister, Caitlin McNeill

1. Apologies - none.

2. Minutes of last meeting approved

3. Declarations of interest - none

4. Marine Harvest: It was agreed to ask them to present at our next meeting. [JH to action]

5. Colonsay Fire & Rescue: The regional Head of the Fire Service attended to ask for support from the CCC to help recruit local young people to the Colonsay Fire Brigade. Currently only 6 on fire service who are mostly in their 50s and ideally should be 12. Need a minimum of 4 on the appliance before it can go out. Too few therefore to cover holidays etc. If numbers drop further, the service gets mothballed which would be a major concern for the island. The air service would be under threat and also rescue/medical support removed (the doctors call on the service about 6 times a year).

Key points:

•  Paid hourly + all expenses on a zero hours contract

•  2 hrs/month training

•  About 10 call outs per year

Airport service paid for 7 hrs per day (earn up to £450 per month)

•  No compulsory retirement age but must be fit

•  If we can find 3 new volunteers, then the training can be held on Colonsay for 3 weekends, only 1 weekend spent in Oban.

Action agreed: Produce a recruitment campaign + raise awareness of the importance of this service (notice in shop and on community website etc) [AH]

6. "Marine Harvest Fund": The administration of the Marine Harvest “Common Good Fund” was discussed. It was suggested by Melissa Stewart (A&B C) that the name “Common Good Fund” is specific in Scots law and must be a registered charity, have an asset register and has other quite onerous requirements.

Richard Buttrick said that at the time of setting up the “Common Good Fund”, A&B C endorsed the use of the term and the formation of an independent subcommittee to administer the funds. It had been agreed that there would be a rota of CCs who would chair each meeting. It was agreed that we need to get clarity on the structure from A&B Council [JH & RB]. No monies have been distributed yet. The new CCC does not have access to the bank account yet. It was agreed to set up a 2nd bank account for the Fund. [DH]

It was agreed to put all information about the Fund inc minutes of meetings on the Community website. [JH to contact CCDC]

7. Ferry Timetable Summer 2019: Comments to be submitted by 31 st May. JH explained that Calmac are obliged to provide at least the level of current sailings under their contract which runs for another 6 years. It was agreed that we would not ask for alteration to the current service other than to ask for our 2017 Wed timetable to be reinstated. It was also agreed that we stress the importance of public transport connectivity which is still poor on some days. [DH]

8. Potential co-option of Councillors: The process was explained as follows:

•  Max of 2 Community Councillors can be co-opted

•  Forms are available for applying from KR in the post office

•  14 days notice must be given of the intention of the Community Council to co-opt a councillor at the next meeting

It was agreed to send an email to community members and put up a notice in the shop asking for applications with a deadline specified. [DH and KR]

If there are more than 2 applicants, it was agreed that we will ask Melissa Stewart to advise us.

9. Marine Litter Campaign: Kevin Byrne has asked for support with the Marine Litter Campaign. It was suggested that perhaps the Colonsay Tourism Marketing Group (CTMG) could oversee the campaign as they have 3rd party insurance. It is on their agenda for their next meeting. It was also suggested that this Campaign would be a good candidate for an application to the “Marine Harvest Fund”. [JH]

10. Planning Applications: none

11. Any Other Business: Roads on Colonsay are disintegrating and need urgent attention. It was agreed that the CCC writes to A&B C roads department to complain and remind the Council of the potential liability to vehicles and cyclists of potholes. It was also agreed to ask George Leppard to the next CCC meeting. [JH]

The letter in the Corncrake was discussed. The CCC election was carried out appropriately. All Community Councils across Scotland were dissolved and an election held on 26th April to elect new community councillors. Chris Nisbet dropped election papers in March to AH who immediately sent around an email to the community via the LDO notifying all of the forthcoming election. It was also advertised on the Council website. It appears that A&B C did not make it known to the community that the previous CCC had been dissolved. The current CCC cannot comment on previous management. All office bearing positions (Convener, Sec and Treasurer) were held by one person who is no longer on the CCC. The new CCC undertakes to conduct themselves appropriately going forward and to disseminate information in a transparent and timely way. Colonsay Community Council needs to be registered for GDPR.

12. Date of next meeting: 26th June 2018 at 18.00hrs

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