[DRAFT] Minutes of Colonsay Community Council - Tuesday 10th July 2018, Village Hall at 18.30hrs

Councillors Present : David Hobhouse (DH), Keith Rutherford (KR), Alex Howard (AH), Jane Howard (JH)

Members of community present: Danny Onn, Sue Dance, Richard Buttrick, Liz McNicol, Netta Titterton, Jan Brooks, Jane Rose, Ali Geddes (MH)

  1. Apologies: none
  2. Minutes of Last Meeting: approved
  3. Declarations of Interest: none
  4. Marine Harvest (MH) Operation: Planning permission applied for 2 more pens. Increase in tonnage to 3500 tonnes (from 2000). Shore side operation remains the same. 2 more employees. Positions will be advertised. Sue Dance asked about accommodation and suggested that full time accommodation should be provided to attract people to move to the island. CC will write to MH asking about plans for housing. [ JH to write to Steve Bracken and Jane Mackay]
  5. Colonsay Fire and Rescue: Community Council helped advertise and generally make known the situation with the Fire Brigade. Subsequently, the fire service has received 2 serious applications. Still need a third applicant to enable training to take place mostly on Colonsay. CC will continue to urge for more applicants. Action: Produce a recruitment campaign + raise awareness of the importance of this service (notice in shop and on community website etc). [JH]
  6. “Marine Harvest Fund”: The Marine Harvest fund needs to be renamed. It has since been suggested that it is called the Colonsay Community Fund. It will continue to be administered as before by an independent subcommittee of 12 community members. It will be chaired on a 3 month rotation by a community councillor. It has since been suggested this should be 6 months. TBC at next meeting. David Hobhouse will be the next chair. Richard Buttrick will continue to advise on the fund. The subcommittee will make recommendations to the CCC for all applications to the Fund and the CCC will confirm awards and make payments as advised by the subcommittee as per its constitution. Marine Harvest financial contributions to the Fund will increase in proportion to the tonnage of fish produced by the fish farm. Contributions will continue for the life of the farm. They are not index linked in any way. The CC will ask if they can be index linked. [DH] No monies have been distributed yet. The new CCC now has access to the bank account and the CC agreed to distribute funds awarded last year as soon as possible to the 3 successful applicants: CCDC, COHT and Ceol Cholasa. It was agreed to write to MH to let them know of the awards. [DH and sub-committee] It was agreed to open the next round of applications to the Fund. Deadline for applications will be 31 st August. The subcommittee will endeavour to make decisions on awards within 3 months.
  7. Islay Energy Trust: This is a Trust fund that Colonsay residents can apply to for projects with a community benefit. Max award of £2500 per project. DH has been Colonsay representative for the past 5 years and would like to hand this over to someone else. CCC agreed to advertise the position. [DH]
  8. Potential Co-option of Councillors: A total of 5 community members have expressed an interest in co-option to the CC. In addition another 2 have said they will put their names forward if there is an election. It was agreed that it would be better to fill all 8 seats on the CC rather than just 2. The CC has undertaken to ask Melissa Stewart if we could call a by-election to fill the 4 remaining seats. [JH]
  9. Marine Litter Campaign: Colonsay Tourism Marketing Group (CTMG) has agreed to take this project on. They will submit an application to the “Marine Harvest Fund” to continue funding of the project. [JH]
  10. Roads and Bins: A letter of complaint has been drafted to the CEO of the A& B Council. It will be copied in to Robin Currie and Michael Russell MSP. The CC would encourage as many people as possible to make complaints to the council. Re. Bin lorry – it was suggested that the council could place more skips in the council yard to take the overflow of rubbish when the bin lorry does not turn up. Additionally, it was suggested we ask for a large green wheelie bin to be placed in the yard for general waste. Re state of the roads – it was suggested that the letter include the fact that the recent filling of pot holes is not nearly enough to improve the roads.
  11. Planning Applications: none
  12. AOB: Sue Dance asked about threat to water supply with the current drought. She suggested putting up notices to conserve water. DH and ferry committee met with Simon Richmond, Ops manager, Calmac to discuss the ferry service. Nothing much to note other than the community's dissatisfaction with the Wednesday timetable was reiterated.
  13. Date of next Meeting: 11th September 2018, 18.00hrs

Post-Meeting Notes: Re point 3. MH are coming to Colonsay to discuss the expansion of the fish farm and potential housing provision on 13th September. Re point 8. A by-election has been approved for the 4 remaining seats on the community council. Nomination papers are available in the Post Office. Applications to be submitted before 6th Sept. Election is on 4th October 2018.



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