[DRAFT] Minutes of Colonsay Community Council - Tuesday 11th September 2018, Village Hall at 18.00hrs  

Councillors Present : Keith Rutherford (KR), Alex Howard (AH), Jane Howard (JH)

Members of community present: William Joll, Sue Dance, Kevin Byrne, Liz McNicol, Jan Brooks, Jane Rose

  1. Apologies: none
  2. Minutes of last meeting: approved
  3. Declarations of Interest: none
  4. Marine Harvest (MH) Operation: Planning permission being applied for 2 more pens. Marine Harvest (MH) coming to discuss the PP with CC and CCDC on 13 th Sept. In addition, MH will look at potential housing sites with the community reps. [KR,AH]
  5. Colonsay Fire and Rescue: Community Council helped advertise and generally make known the situation with the Fire Brigade. Subsequently, the fire service has 4 potential recruits who are undergoing the recruitment process now.
  6. Colonsay Community Benefit Fund” (CCBF): David Hobhouse, as chair of fund, gave JH a written report. The Heritage Trust (COHT) has been paid its award. Ceol Cholasa and CCDC have not been paid as yet. Ceol Cholasa will be paid after the festival and CCDC are waiting to get all their funding in place for the composter project before accepting the payment from the CCBF. There are 4 applications so far for the next round of funding. No details as yet. DH reported that he is happy to accept more applications until end of September. Decisions will be made in October. Marine Harvest financial contributions to the Fund will increase in proportion to the tonnage of fish produced by the fish farm. Contributions will continue for the life of the farm. [DH]
  7. Islay Energy Trust: This is a Trust fund that Colonsay residents can apply to for projects with a community benefit. Max award of £2500 per project. Martin Winlow has taken over the role of Colonsay representative.
  8. Colonsay Community Council By-Election: JH on behalf to the CCC applied to Melissa Stewart to hold a by-election. This was agreed by the A&B Council. Subsequently applications were invited from Colonsay for the 4 vacant council seats. A total of 6 candidates applied therefore there will be a postal vote for the 4 places. The ballot papers will be posted out around 21 st Sept and have to be received by the returning officer by 4pm on 4 th October. The results will be announced shortly thereafter.
  9. Roads and Bins: JH has written to the council as per previous Minutes. No response received. JH to chase and resend if necessary. It was suggested that a police report on the poor state of the roads may help. The CC would encourage as many people as possible to make complaints to the council. [JH]
  10. Community Meeting with “Islands Champion”: Iain MacAllister and Danny Onn have been appointed as civil servants as “Island Champions” for the MAKI area (Mid Argyll, Kintyre and the Isles). Iain MacAllister is coming to Colonsay and would like to meet with the community to discuss his role and how Colonsay may benefit. It was decided to hold the public meeting on Sunday 7 th October at 4pm in the Village Hall.
  11. Planning Applications: none
  12. AOB: William Joll asked about freight costs. The pricing is felt to be erratic. It is difficult to find out the value of the post contract which MacLennans have. The CC agreed to write to MacLennans and Derek Wilson to get a published freight price list. JH reported briefly on the Calmac Community Board Meeting which she attended on 31 August. There are many operational areas of concern with Calmac and CMAL, and there is a lack of funding and little direction from Transport Scotland and the Minister (3 rd transport minister this year) to address the resilience and capacity of the current ferry fleet. Unfortunately the situation is likely to deteriorate over the next few years until new ferries can be brought online.
  13. Date of next meeting: Tuesday 9th October, 18.00hrs at Village Hall

Post meeting note: Re point 9. Letter now received from Pippa Milne, Executive Director, Development and Infrastructure, stating that we have an enhanced rubbish collection service and that our roads are maintained according to certain criteria which can be seen on the A&BC website.

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