Draft Minutes of Colonsay Community Council

Meeting held on 10th December 2018 at 1815


Councillors Present : Keith Rutherford (KR), Helen Mann (HM), David Hobhouse (DH), Jane Howard (JH), Kevin Byrne (KB), Liz McNicoll (LM), Richard Buttrick (RB)

Members of community present: Jan Brooks; Dannie Onn, Christa Byrne





1. Apologies

Alex Howard (AH)





2. Minutes of last meeting

Minutes of last meeting approved





3. Declarations of interest

Non Declared at this stage of the meeting

4.Matters Arising

Donald (Pedie) MacNeill has offered to do the minutes.



Letter to ABC, and others, ref housing





CCC web site to be continued



Oban Hostel was discussed. Seemingly no direct threat to funding. KB expressed concern that there may be pressure to send the children home if the flight looks unlikely, and this could be detrimental to their education. JH said she had been approached by a parent with exactly this concern. HM said it was definitely up to the parents if their children came home early, not the hostel.



Welcomed by CC, and to be appointed


Postpone until Jan, to have more impact






KB to upload minutes


Keep under review





5.Approval of accounts

DH has produced accounts for y/e endings 31 March 2016, 2017, and 2018. These have been scrutinised and confirmed by Lynette Robertson.

Signed by KR and DH. Current account standing at £417.36, and Community Fund account at £26,004.64. DH to investigate MH next payment.


Copies to be sent to ABC, and grant applied for




6.Service Point funding

It seems that Service Points across the ABC area are under treat of reduced funding or closure. More detail available on the ABC website, link to follow?

Dannie Onn for CCDC and LM to co-ordinate our response




7.Air Service

The immediate fire cover problem has been resolved but there is some confusion as for how long, possibly only into the New Year.

Concerns were raised that their maybe reduced funding in future, and the service could be reduced or even abolished.


Decision to write to A&B Council and others, underlining how important the air service was to the community. JH to action.




8. “Colonsay & Oransay Community Fund” (CoCF)

RB reported that there had been 4 meetings of the subcommittee. RB's report to be attached to the minutes. 3 applications were approved by the CC, (with those members with a conflict of interest opting out of the votes). 2.5K for the Hall windows, 4K to CTMG for live music at dances, (over two years) and a further 1.5K to the CTMG to support the marine litter project (over 5 years). 2 other applications are still under consideration. The CC wished to record their appreciation of the work of the sub-committee, and underline how important its role was to the wider community, and that others should be encouraged to participate.

Compositing funding from the last round of applications is still to be drawn down, once the project is up and running, in the quarry. Passing comment that there was no battery recycling facility on the island, and a general rubbish bin at the quarry would be advantageous.


Letters to be drafted to the groups confirming their awards and any conditions attached, RB to action?


















9. Engagement with “Island Champions”

A letter had been sent out and some returns received. These still to be assessed, and others to be encouraged to return their comments.

Email to circulation list encouraging responses




10. Planning Applications

None officially received, but noted that the Scalasaig steading application (for workshops) had been notified to neighbours and that Marine Harvest had lodged their plans for the enlarged fish farm.





11. AOBs

Broadband: KB said that there was no progress with his broadband. DH said he had been promised improvements to the exchange by 07/12/18, but that had been put back to 05/01/19, but he had no confidence that anything was going to happen.


Ferries: DH noted that there had been a change to the CALMAC dry docking schedule, and we would therefore get more Saturday Oban round trip services in Feb and March. The current timetable on CALMAC's web site has the details.


12. Date of Next Meetings

Revised dates are 21/01/19 and 18/02/19. AGM probably in May.


Post meeting notes

See Item 9: decision to encourage more responses to the letter












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