Draft Minutes of Colonsay Community Council

Meeting held 26th November 2019 @6pm

Councillors Present : Keith Rutherford, Helen Mann, Liz McNicholl, Jane Howard, Richard Buttrick, Alex Howard.

Members of community present: Donald MacNeill (Minute secretary) Richard Irvine, Jan Binnie, Sheena Nisbet, William Joll.

•  Apologies: David Hobhouse

•  Minutes of last meeting : Accepted

•  Declarations of Interest : A.H., Housing

•  Matters arising : None

•  Air Service : Subsidy is paid for service to Colonsay but Colonsay people are finding difficulty booking on as Islay users are filling it up. Service is booking up two weeks in advance.

There is no service on certain weeks due to maintenance and the operators have no spare aircraft. Jan stated that medical services are being diminished as visiting practitioners can't book on. Also patients attending a 10 minute appointment on a Tuesday now have to spend two nights in Oban, leaving Monday, returning Wednesday. Alex to compose a letter to Argyll and Bute. Also suggest that the Scottish Govt should fund the air service. Copies to: MSP, Heb air, Transport Scotland.


•  Winter timetable is up for review. Now is the period of consultation for next winter.

JH reported from the Calmac community board. Point raised that there are not enough ferries to cover mechanical breakdowns. Board is pushing Transport Scotland and CMAL to build more ferries.

Transport Scotland are unwilling to look at creative solutions eg. Spare crews, as it is often crewing problems that cause cancellations.

Alex suggested we need to complain more as our complaints don't seem to be heard.

Formal letter to Calmac and MSP suggested.

Alex also suggested we keep our own formal records of disruptions as Calmac records don't tell the whole story. A sailing to a totally different destination is recorded as a successful sailing.

JH thinks that we should make representation to the Calmac Community board, which would then be taken to Transport Scotland.

JH strongly suggested people should apply for compensation.Eg. If you have to stay in Oban to catch an earlier than scheduled ferry. Calmac advises people should book.

JH to make representation to Community Board.

Letter to MSP. and transport Scotland and Calmac.


•  Recycling: There is no battery recycling. DMN to ask Jen.

•  Refuse: Collection is now down to 3 week collection including during summer.

KB asked why the composter is not operational. WJ replied that we are awaiting a licence to operate the composter.

Richard Irvine asked if council had been contacted by Zero Waste Scotland re bottle deposit schemes at shops/hotel. There is a consultation on the website, responses by 28th. JH will read and respond.


•  Community Fund: Carried forward.


•  Head Teacher and other Public Service vacancies: Head Teacher is advertised. Closing 29th Nov. Interview 12th December. Concern was expressed about the condition of the Schoolhouse. Expressions of interest in GP closing on 29th. Letter [to go] from CC to A&B expressing serious concern about the condition of the school house.


•  Housing: Application from CCDC to Landfund. Agreement has been reached on price between Colonsay Estate and CCDC for 24 units.


12: Planning: 15m tower near the lookout hut at Machrins approved. EE have contract with the landlord about the location of the mast. Either near old gravel grader or the lookout hut. The new mast should offer improved mobile reception in Kilchattan. It was noted that the CC are not receiving copies of planning. AH to investigate the progress of the mast.


13: A.O.C.B. (1) Richard Buttrick will, through his business, fund small grants to help business start up. This very generous offer complements the Community Fund which is unable to fund private businesses unless they have a specific community benefit.

(2) Kevin raised point of vandalism towards ancient stone structures. It is felt that visitors need to be educated about the irreplaceable nature of Colonsay's archaeology. KB would like to reprint ancient monuments book. KB to investigate reprint of book.

14. D.O.N.M.: Tuesday 21 January at 8 p.m.


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