Tuesday 23rd June 2020 at 6pm by video/phone


Convenor Keith Rutherford

Vice Convener Alex Howard

Treasurer David Hobhouse

Secretary (interim) Jane Howard

Richard Buttrick

Liz McNicholl

Helen Mann

Kevin Byrne


All councillors were present plus Donald MacNeill (minute secretary).

Apologies were received from Sheena Nisbet and Pat Woodward.


Aprroximately 44 participants took part in the meeting.

Keith Rutherford introduced the meeting and handed over to Alex Howard to chair.


1. Minutes of ordinary meeting of 9th June.

The minutes were accepted without comment.


2. Covid19-Community Consultation.

The results of the survey have been sent to the Scottish Government. No feedback has been received from SG.

Dannie Onn asked from the floor if the CCC had had any private meetings and if they were going to ask for special treatment.

JH replied that all meetings were open and it was up to SG to give a lead and for CCC to discuss and respond.


Written Comments.

There were over 100 comments which RB has anonymised.

There was a lengthy discussion as to whether the comments should be made available in full, or should be analysed and a short report issued.

Some of the council raised the possibility of respondents being unhappy with comments being made public. RB said this was made clear on the survey.

There were a number of comments from the floor supporting making the comments available and the council voted to do so.

RB stated that a lot of thought had gone into the comments. HM that it had been a privilege to read them.


Use of Survey Data

A member of the community asked for the raw data from the survey to inform a letter she was sending to her MP.

It was decided that she could have access to the power point of the results from which it was possible to extract the numbers.

KB felt strongly that if this was to be made available to one person, it should be made available to all. This was voted on and the council agreed to circulate the results.

RB was keen to stress that the survey, while conducted to the best of the council's ability in a very short time frame, was not a professional document and this should be acknowledged in any use of data.


Business Survey.

It was decided that, due to the fast moving nature of events, it was not necessary to conduct a survey at this point.

AH stressed that this survey would have included charities such as CCDC, Heritage Trust, Hall as well as commercial enterprises.


3. Covid19 – Coming Out of Lockdown.

Family Visits.

RB A question has been asked of SG by the CCC asking for guidance on the matter of overnight stays for family. In order to visit Colonsay you have to stay overnight. No response has been received.

Councillor Robin Currie asked for a copy of the question.


2nd Home Owner Visits.

Can visit for essential maintenance. A question has been asked of SG asking for a clear definition of essential maintenance.

JH. 2nd home owners will be allowed to visit from 29th June under SG guidelines.


Ferry Service

Will be Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Times not yet confirmed.

There was some discussion as to whether a Saturday ferry would be a regular service or a ‘request' service.

A number of points were raised which the CCC will bring up with CALMAC.


Oban High School

It is not clear at present what school provision will be available, last week the provision was to be part-time, this week the SG is aspiring to full time. Either way it is essential that adequate provision is made to convey the children to and from Oban without compromising school time.

JH will add this to the above list of points for discussion with Calmac/Transport Scotland.

JH has also contacted A & B council regarding a possible flight to get the children home.


Guidance for Visitors – CTMG's Colonsay Charter.

It was agreed that following SG announcement that restrictions on tourism will cease on 15th July it was essential that a set of guidelines be available.

The charter will be a document, hopefully signed by all-comers agreeing to abide by the suggested advice.

An up to date version will be placed in every cottage for incoming guests.

KB stressed that the guidelines should be available to all visitors including friends and family.

There followed some questions on testing and procedure for affected persons which were answered by Dr Binnie.

Dr Binnie then suggested that the Colonsay Specific quarantining procedures would become redundant after 15th July, not least because the risk factor has dropped significantly since the peak.

RB Suggested we should consult with GP regarding quarantine procedures in the future.

Dannie Onn asked if CCC had any intention of going back to electorate.

AH Said this was not an option.

Shonagh Musgrave from the floor asked that given the results of the survey, residents being in favour of a ‘Colonsay Option' was that no longer an option?

AH replied that risk factor was much lower now and survey had been snapshot in time and information now is dramatically different to what it was then.


Robin Currie left the meeting thanked by Alex Howard for his contributions.

LMN expressed concern that visitors might not be aware of different circumstances in Scotland and England.

DH. Visitors need to be aware that holiday ‘experience' will be very different to that which they are used to.


Community Resilience

LMN. The hub is working well. There are approximately 48 users. There are lots of donations. Dannie Onn who manages the finances said finance was not a problem. There is a contingency fund.

AH thanked LMN and the team.


Community Fund

The Council ratified the decision of the panel to approve a grant of £11,200 to CCDC to assist with the purchase of the Baptist Manse.

AH congratulated CCDC on their successful application.



It was suggested that a newsletter be prepared outlining details of important dates and proposals.


Kevin asked if details of the guidelines in the Colonsay Charter could be put on the council website.

It was decided that the councillors should scrutinise the document first.


Septic Tanks

The council will investigate procedures for the emptying of these.


Coronavirus Business Support Fund Applications.



Mooring at Balnahard.

Liam McNeill asked on behalf of MOWI what the response of the council was to a proposal to lay a mooring in the bay to assist with sheltering the barge during gales.

The council asked for precise location details before giving an opinion.


DONM 14th July @ 6pm

Alex Howard thanked everyone for attending and contributing.


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