Tuesday 13th October 2020 at 6pm via Video/Audio Call


Convenor Keith Rutherford (KR)

Vice Convener Alex Howard (AH)

Treasurer David Hobhouse (DH)

Secretary (interim) Jane Howard (JH)

Richard Buttrick (RB)

Liz McNicholl (LMN)

Helen Mann (HM)

Kevin Byrne (KB)


All the committee members were present as well as Councillor Robin Currie and members of the public : Clare and Callum Hay, Jan Binnie, Richard Irvine and Dannie Onn.

Keith Rutherford opened the meeting and asked Jane Howard to chair.

David Hobhouse congratulated Robin Currie on his appointment as leader of Argyll and Bute council.

•  There were no apologies received.

•  Declarations of Interest will be notified at relevant points in the agenda.

•  Minutes of last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were adopted. Proposed by KR and seconded by HM.

•  Matters arising.

There were no matters arising from the minutes not dealt with elsewhere.

•  Community Resilience – Coronavirus

•  Community Hub – Review/Future plan

Ruby Weatherhead has now left and all funds were used to ensure the shop delivery service continues.

LMN will prepare a report for the next meeting and try and ascertain if there is an ongoing need for the hub.


KR asked if more disposable face masks were going to be put in the shop/PO as there were none left. LMN said not.

RB asked Dannie Onn if there was any further funding for the hub. Dannie was not aware of any.

Robin Currie offered to investigate. ACTION


•  New restrictions (Depending on SG Decisions)

There was a general discussion of the effect increasing rates of Covid would have.

The following points were made.

•  Infection rate in A & B is 55.9 compared with 126.6 per 100,000 in Scotland.

•  Holiday houses should have one family only.

•  Visitors should be asked to download Scottish tracing app.

•  There is a large construction job starting on the pier. The contractors are doing everything possible to comply with good practice re Covid 19.

•  There are no restrictions on travel at present but

•  JH said Colonsay Holiday Cottages would not take bookings from hot spots.


•  Air Service and ferries – updates

It was noted that Calmac have been very helpful during the course of the pandemic.

KR asked what the winter Saturday service would be.

Mainly to Islay/Kennacraig except for December and March when it will go to Oban.

HM reminded all that there was a ‘lie in' this weekend. (Sat 17th October)

AH suggested these ‘lie ins' should be widely advertised.

DH said there was an urgent need for heating oil deliveries from Brogans.


  Colonsay & Oronsay Community Fund – Extension to current round & Supporting Community Groups

DH Thanked the hall committee for the comprehensive report on the works funded with aid from the community fund.

DH There have been no applications to the fund.

Dannie Onn said the Hall might be looking for more funding.

DH There is £16 000 in the fund.

JH wondered if any of the community groups required funding to compensate for loss of income during the summer due to cancellation of fund raising events.

KB said that a notice on the Community facebook Noticeboard should be sufficient to alert groups. KB agreed to do this. ACTION KB


•  Broadband – Update on R100 implementation

Callum Hay has been investigating what the R100 initiative might mean for Colonsay and will circulate his findings. He suggested that the Island applying for funding collectively might be more efficient than multiple individual applications.

It was agreed to have a full discussion at the November meeting.

A sub-committee has been formed to explore the options.


•  Winter Royal Mail service

Concern was expressed that any mail posted from Colonsay will not reach Oban in time for onward distribution to Glasgow and beyond – on day of ferry.

This will impact everyone and particularly commercial interests including Richard Irvine's proposed fish smoking business.

JH asked if one day with a decent connection would be sufficient.

It was decided to write to Royal Mail and Calmac (JH) ACTION JH


•  Planning applications

There is an application for poles supplying electricity to the EE mast at the old Look Out hut.

AH will try and find out when this mast will become operational. ACTION AH


•  Any Other Business

•  Camping outwith “Wild Camping”

JH, DH, AH declared interest as landlord/tenants.

There was a discussion as to how to deal with the problem of “non wild campers” (People who set up camp beside a parked car)

It would be possible to apply to the council to have a bye law forbidding this. It would take a long time (RC). Callum Hay suggested starting the process


Dannie Onn asked if it would be worth prioritising the CCDC plan for a campsite which is on hold at present.

Visiting Camper Vans are also increasing in number which is seen as a problem. KB suggested that a bye law could stop vans coming unless they had an agreed destination.

AH suggested a sub-committee be formed to look at all aspects of camping/campervans.

Jan Binnie, David Hobhouse, Dannie Onn, Alex Howard and Richard Irvine agreed to be on the group.

Robin Currie has information which he will send to AH for promulgation round the group.

b. Refuse Collection.

Colonsay at present receives a 3 weekly service. This doesn't work for Oransay as tides operate a fortnightly cycle so Oransay will only be in sync every 6 weeks. It also means that in the event of a failure of service it can be a month or more before Colonsay gets a collection.

Robin Currie said that Argyll now had a three weekly service so Colonsay would have to be a special case.

JH to e mail council, copy to Robin. ACTION JH

c. Cairn on Carn nan Eoin

DH (tenant) and AH (Landlord) declared an interest.

KB noticed deterioration and wondered if The Heritage Trust would assume responsibility for applying for funding from the Community Fund and organising repair. DH (a director of COHT) agreed to take this proposal to COHT. ACTION DH

d. Consultation

A & B council are having to make further savings of £6 million and community consultation is part of this process. They are at present looking for feedback on amenity services.

There is an initiative to encourage communities to take over services if possible. Robin Currie cited Gigha who, with council assistance to buy equipment are now cutting their own verges.

There is a consultation on-going about a solution to the “Rest and Be Thankful”.

Claire Hay drew the council's attention to a “Guidance for Islands Bill” It was agreed to discuss this at the next meeting as no one had had a proper chance to scrutinise it.

e. Scrap Uplift.

The contractors working on the pier have agreed to take away old scrap cars, or anything that would fit on a lorry. Contact DH .


Date of next meeting – 10th November 2020

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