Tuesday 8th December 2020 at 6pm via Video/Audio Call


Convenor Keith Rutherford

Vice Convener Alex Howard

Treasurer David Hobhouse

Secretary (interim) Jane Howard

Richard Buttrick

Liz McNicholl

Helen Mann

Kevin Byrne


There were approximately 14 members of the community in attendance as well as Councillor Robin Currie. (RC)

•  Apologies were received from Helen Mann.

•  Declarations of Interest as agreed will be tendered at appropriate points in the meeting.

•  Minutes of last meeting

The minutes of the meeting on Tuesday10th November were accepted without comment. Prop. Alex Howard, Sec. Keith Rutherford.

•  Matters arising .

There were no matters arising from the minutes not dealt with elsewhere.

•  Community Resilience – Coronavirus update

Hub .

LMN stated that the Hub has now been wound up. The building is almost empty.


Dr Willets suggested that the vaccine at present being rolled out in the UK would be difficult to use on Colonsay but he hoped one of the others would be available in early January.

As soon as this is confirmed invitations will be sent out. The same system will be used as on the mainland for deciding who gets priority.


There followed a discussion regarding good practice of the coronavirus situation over the holiday period.

It was decided to issue a newsletter reminding residents and visitors/workmen of the “rules”.

In Particular:

KB pointed out that rules for each tier are explained clearly and unambiguously on the Scot.Gov website post-code checker.


Jenny Lloyd made a strong argument for being extra vigilant when residents and workmen return after the holidays.

LMN pointed out that the shop still runs locals only time slots.

RB will write a newsletter. ACTION RB

•  Ferries

Summer 2021 Timetable.

Will be the same as 2019 with a 10 minute alteration to timings.

Livestock Transport.

The past few weeks have seen a particularly shambolic service as the need to send livestock to the mainland has met with a reluctance by Calmac to carry animals during inclement weather.

This was most evident on one occasion when the skipper changed his mind (from no-go to go) by which time animals had been re-loaded on to floats and delivered back to the farms only to have to turn round.

This has health implications for the animals, as well as safety implications as the animals become stressed by over-handling.

While it is ultimately the skipper's responsibility there seems to be inconsistency in the interpretation of the guidelines.

RC asked for any relevant correspondence and he will take up the matter with Robbie Drummond of Calmac. ACTION RC

It was decided to seek a meeting with the “Head Skipper” to clarify the situation.

DH will draft a letter to Mr Drummond. ACTION DH

•  Air Service – Potential Shift to Tuesday Service

Dr Willets made a strong case as to why the Thursday service suits the medical practice better.

As JH is attending an air service consultation meeting with ABC on 11th December it was decided to enquire as to whether it would be possible to run occasional Tuesday services to meet the needs of people with medical appointments. ACTION JH

Sheena Nisbet pointed out that it requires two overnight stays for a 10 minutr appointment, with the health board picking up the tab.

•  Colonsay & Oronsay Community Fund – Update

Nothing to report.

•  Waste Collection – Follow up with ABC

JH reported that there had been no progress since the last unsatisfactory communication.

It was felt that the re-cycling capacity on the island is inadequate as both it and the domestic waste bins cannot cope if Colonsay misses a service.

KR reported domestic rubbish having been chucked in with the recycling.

Callum Hay felt that the signage was particularly poor and would not be helping.

KB was also unclear as to what went in each bin despite having received a flier quoting council guidelines.

RB will add this information to the newsletter. ACTION RB

The CC will write to ABC requesting more bins and improved signage at the re-cycling centre at the quarry. ACTION JH

•  Royal Mail – Reduction in service quality

The reduction in service due to the COVID situation is impacting on mail order businesses and if not resolved is likely to prevent another proposed business startup.

The CC will write to Royal Mail seeking an assurance that the service will return to normal after Covid. Copies to MP and MSP. ACTION JH

•  Planning applications

2 Croft Houses have applied for planning.

•  Any Other Business

•  AH had heard that EE hoped to have their mast in use by early February.

•  ABC air service consultation meeting 11th Dec JH to attend.

•  Helen Mann had been asked by the Head Teacher to express concern that renovations to the schoolhouse had not been completed…or started?

KB stated that no one has asked for an extension to present lease on Church of Scotland Manse where the teacher has temporary accommodation.

Dannie Onn said that CCDC might be in a position to provide a short term lease for accommodation in the Baptist Manse which CCDC is acquiring.

RC will make enquires as to progress on the renovations. ACTION RC

•  Murder Mystery TV programme.

JH said TV company were keen to do it on Colonsay.

Dannie Onn said that Jane Howard should declare an interest as an accommodation provider, which she acknowledged.

Sarah Hobhouse asked if the community would benefit from this.

JH stated there would be a location fee.

AH said if project went ahead community should form a committee at that point to deal with any financial implications.


DONM 12th January 2021.


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