Public Meeting of Colonsay Community Council

Tuesday 12th January 2021 at 6pm via Video/Audio Call



Convenor Keith Rutherford (KR)

Vice Convener Alex Howard (AH)

Treasurer David Hobhouse (DH)

Secretary (interim) Jane Howard (JH)

Richard Buttrick (RB)

Liz McNicholl (LMN)

Helen Mann (HM)

Kevin Byrne (KB)

Donald MacNeill (Minute secretary), Robin Currie (A & B Council), Dr Willets and approximately 10 members of the community.


Convenor Keith Rutherford opened the meeting and asked Alex Howard to chair.

Alex congratulated Keith on his award of the “British Empire Medal”. His sentiments were echoed by all present.

•  Apologies

There were no apologies.

•  Declarations of Interest

Will be declared at appropriate points in the meeting.

•  Minutes of last meeting 8 th December 2021

Were accepted without comment.

Proposed by Alex Howard, seconded by Keith Rutherford.

•  Matters arising

There were no matters arising not dealt with elsewhere.

•  Community Resilience – Coronavirus update; visitors/workmen protocol

KR stated that, following the return of workmen who are working on the pier the post office and shop were maintaining usual protocols. The workers had voluntarily been tested before returning to Colonsay following the Christmas break.

DH had e-mailed Cmal to ask that the return of the workmen be postponed due to increasing numbers of COVID cases on the mainland; this was refused.

JH suggested that the protocols for accommodation providers (workmen accommodation) be reviewed. This was supported by KB. RB asked if CTMG were updating their guidance. JH replied that they were using existing guidance at present but it would be good to update it.

RB asked if CTMG would update the guidance, consulting with Dr Willets; CCC would then discuss the reviewed document . Action JH.

LMN suggested that any guidance should follow Scot.Gov. guidelines.

Dannie Onn pointed out that Colonsay should not be having any visitors at present as this would involve moving from tier 4 to tier 3. (Essential workers excepted)

AH then asked Dr Willets to update the meeting on the vaccine roll out.


Dr Willets:

Colonsay has been allocated 30 doses which should vaccinate everyone over 73.

Supplies should arrive this week.

No date has been given for the next batch. This will vaccinate people over 50.

At present Dr Willets has been advised that he will have to source vaccine direct from the manufacturers after the initial batch.

Callum Hay asked how long the vaccine took to work. Dr Willets replied it needed 6 weeks to be fully effective.

In response to a question from RB Dr Willets explained that different vaccines worked in different ways but it was impossible at this time to compare efficiency.


•  Ferries – Winter 2021 Timetable & Livestock Handling

DH responded to Calmac regarding next year's winter timetable stressing the need for Oban connectivity. He has not as yet managed to arrange a meeting with the “Chief Master”

JH raised the forthcoming meeting with Calmac to discuss the requirements of the new Islay ferry which will also serve Colonsay. It is important that the design of this, the next new vessel to be built for Calmac, be suitable for docking at Colonsay.

Robin Currie stressed how important it was that Colonsay attend this meeting. JH will attend and as it is open to the public DH will circulate details to the community.

Action DH


Brogans (Oil) are sending tankers on Friday15th Jan. Special ferry arrangements will facilitate this service.

•  Broadband – Update

Calum Hay reported that there is unlikely to be further news for the next few months but Colonsay is included in R100 plan for fibre optic connection. It is not clear if this is for the backhaul, local distribution or both.

•  Camping – Subcommittee Questionnaire update

AH The questionnaire is almost ready for distribution. HM has made it computer friendly. It will be reported on at next meeting. Action next meet

•  Waste Collection – Follow up with ABC

JH has had no response to her request for more bins and improved signage.

KR reported that the re-cycling centre was less chaotic over the Christmas period.

HM will update the pier workmen on correct procedures.

Action HM


•  Royal Mail – Reduction in service quality

There is a new manager in charge at Oban so it was decided to carry this topic forward to the next meeting.

RB asked if there had been any more incidences of mis-directed mail. KR said no and that he suspected it was just user error which had been addressed.


•  Planning applications

There are no outstanding planning apps.


•  Any Other Business

•  ABC air service consultation meeting 11 th Dec (Argyll and Bute Council)

JH reported that there were no funds to re-instate all or part of the Colonsay service which was reduced last year.

Colonsay will support A & B Council in their attempts to lobby Transport Scotland to take over the running of the air service. A & B would like to include a link to Glasgow.

It was pointed out that a patient attending an outpatient appointment in Oban incurs greater expense, including overnight stays, than the cost of an air fare.

•  KB thanked the team responsible for repairing the Cairn on Cairn Nan Eoin. Dave and Jan Binnie, Lotta Leahy, Pedie and Carol MacNeill, and David Hobhouse.

•  Murder Mystery TV prog.

JH declared an interest as an accommodation provider.

A producer for the proposed prog would like to come on Thursday 14th to look at the Island. It was decided that it was not an appropriate time to come, and he should be invited back in June. Action HM

There was a vigorous discussion about this project but very little enthusiasm due to the connotations of Coronavirus.


Donald MacNeill asked that the minutes ‘status' be changed from draft to final on the CCC website once they had been adopted.


LMN wondered if it would be possible to have a less perfunctory website for the Community Council.

Claire Hay suggested there were some excellent examples to be found. KB remarked that the opposite was also true.

Donald MacNeill suggested improving the Council's space on the CCDC website.

It was agreed to put this topic on the agenda for next meet. Agenda Item


•  Date of next meeting – 9.2.21


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